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Mike Campion Clark County Commissioner District F

Mike Campion

For Clark County Commission, District F

    “I believe that government should work to find a way, NOT get in the way”.

    Vision, Issues & Values

    • Public Safety
      • Schools
      • Neighborhoods
      • Partner With Law Enforcement
    • Defend Our Constitutional Rights
      • No Mandates
      • No Overreach
    • Challenge Status Quo

    I believe that Clark County should be a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The right leadership in County government will help bring that about, and our county government should strive to help bring about a growing community, rather than finding a way to be an obstacle.

    When we hear discussions of growth, governments have had a tendency to target large employers. While it’s a good thing if large companies want to locate in our county, economic development that centers around large employers often involves targeted tax incentives. As the community grows, and the needs for government services grow with it, the new businesses are often contributing a reduced amount, leaving the burden to long term residents and existing businesses.

    With more people working remotely than ever, we have an opportunity to shift our focus towards attracting skilled workers in a variety of industries, as well as helping to encourage entrepreneurship and small business. We can help bring this growth about with a stable, low tax environment and reducing bureaucratic burdens.

    There is still substantial land available for growth in the county, and as real estate continues to increase in value, we must keep our eye on allowing young families to be able to achieve the dream of home ownership. Stories where first time home buyers are making ten to fifteen offers and still can’t buy a home are not uncommon. But all the things we need – land, economic opportunity, infrastructure – those are things that a well-managed county government can help bring about, and those are things we should look for in our county.

    For too long, government has been in the way. I will work to help government FIND a way.

    I can’t wait to get started!

    In order to bring high paying jobs into Clark County, we need schools, K-12 and our higher education system, with high achieving grades to build a strong and educated workforce.

    For most Clark County parents, including my wife and I, the education of our children is facilitated by the Clark County School District. This district is the fourth largest in the US, behind New York City, Chicago, and Miami-Dade, and has just under 329,000 students attending 385 schools.

    This giant bureaucracy is overseen by seven trustees, one from each county.  

    In 2017, the Nevada Legislature passed AB469, which among other things required trustees to review each schools organizational plan. It also tried to give schools more autonomy and a greater community feel. Unfortunately, the CCSD is not in full compliance with this bill.

    Seven trustees. 385 schools. How deep do you think this review might go? Do you think the decision making process might be too top-heavy?

    Businesses can succeed best when management has adequate bandwidth to identify problems, actively listen to gain an understanding, and implement solutions. The reason we have seven trustees overseeing 385 schools and 329,000 students is due to the growth of our county. When our current district and management was implemented, the county had about 20,000 students.  

    It is crucial to Clark County residents that educational outcomes improve. I think decentralizing the decision making in the large educational bureaucracy that currently exists in the CCSD is a step in the right direction. Specifically, I believe that a smaller, more decentralized authority can be more accessible to parents, many of whom are highly motivated to see a quality education for their children. That’s why I support the current proposed ballot initiative which would allow incorporated cities in Clark County to establish their own school districts.

    I will always vote to improve, safeguard and ensure election integrity, vehemently. Voter ID and no mail ballots that are not requested is my position. 

    The process of fair and transparent elections is a foundation of a free, independent nation that we all envision. Unfortunately, confidence in our election system is at a disturbing low. A recent ABC poll showed that only 30% of Democrats, 20% of nonpartisans and 13% of Republicans are very confident in the integrity of US Elections, and specifically 59% of Republicans are either “not very confident” or “not confident at all”.  

    Specifically in our last election, there was a difference of 139 ballots between the number of voters who signed in and the number of ballots cast. The election in question, County Commission District C, had a result where there were 15 more ballots for Democrat Ross Miller than there were for Republican Stavros Anthony. With 139 more ballots than voters who were recorded as casting ballots, the validity of that result can certainly be scrutinized. Clark County’s registrar of voters even suggested conducting a special election to properly arrive at the winner. But with a partisan result that aligned with the wishes of the existing commissioners, it was decided that no special election would be held.

    It is also worth noting that ballots that were mailed to the election department were verified by comparing the signature on file to the voter signature. This was done by an automatic signature verification machine. That machine identified so many errors that it was reset below the manufacturer recommended threshold in order to not register so many errors. Then, when the election was challenged in court, the ruling was that there was no evidence of voter fraud. Of course, adjusting the machine to below the manufacturer recommendation would result in far less incidents to investigate, and those ballots that were not investigated could not be proved to be fraudulent. 

    Situations like this contribute to the low perception of fair elections.  We’re at a time now where our leaders need to fully evaluate the election process and ensure that the process of conducting an election is done fairly, transparently and accurately.  We need to make it easy for those who are eligible to cast a ballot to validly do so, while preventing additional ballots or ballots from those not eligible to vote.  And we need to have processes where observers from all viewpoints can feel a greater sense of security about the process of conducting elections.

    The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

    About Mike

    Mike Campion, longtime resident of Southern Nevada and Director of Branches for a local credit union, is running for Clark County Commissioner, District-F. Mike has worked in the banking/financial services industry for nearly 30 years, getting his start in the early 90s.

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